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In Europe lives the tradition of the journeymen. Before becoming a master in his field of craftsmanship, the apprentice had to travel their country for up to three years. By working for different masters along his journey, the apprentice was expected to broaden his horizon – both within his field of work but also as a human being. His journey was accompanied by a specific set of rules he had to follow:

Journeymen were not allowed to travel near their own hometown.
They were not allowed to work for one master for a longer period of time.
They were not allowed to gain wealth on their travels and instead only worked for compensation in form of food, accommodation and a little money to continue their journey.

On a short trip of three months in the fall of 2012, I tried to follow these footsteps. Before finishing my bachelors degree in communications design, I visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. During these three months I met with creative people and design agencies and was able to work with two of them for a short time. When I came home to Germany, I already knew that this was not a one time thing.

So on Febuary 3rd 2014, I left family and friends behind to fly back to Vietnam and start my second design journey.

My goal was to travel the world to get in touch with local creatives and get insights in their daily work by joining their studio. Following the old european tradition of the journeymen, I wanted to learn from creative masters around the world and find inspiration in the variety of people I met and places I visited. I only wanted to work for enough compensation to have a place to sleep, to afford food and to reach the next destination on my journey.
On my second journey I worked in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam, got stuck traveling South East Asia, worked and lived both in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand before exploring New Zealands stunning nature and finally get inspired by Japans unique culture.

After almost two and a half years of traveling, experiencing various cultures and getting inspired by the people I met and the places I've seen, I decided that it was finally time to let the journey come to an end. Saying goodbye to my traveling life, I want to put the skills I learned to use and share my experience with other creatives. Setting up a base at least somewhere a bit closer to home, I am currently based in London, Great Britain.

If you'd like to meet me or have any questions about my work or my journey, please send an email to

I'm looking forward to meeting you.
My Life
freelance graphic designer in London, working with

/ since 2016
second design journey, working with:
VELOCITY CREATIVE, Auckland, New Zealand
NEXT BRAND, Melbourne, Australia
URCHIN, Melbourne, Australia
RICE CREATIVE, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

/ 2014 – 2016
freelance graphic designer at
GIINCO, Wiesbaden, Germany

/ 2013
bachelor of arts, communication design

/ 2013
first design journey to South East Asia, working with:
FARMGROUP, Bangkok, Thailand
RICE CREATIVE, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

/ 2012
internship at
LEKKERWERKEN, Wiesbaden, Germany

/ 2011
communication design studies at
Hochschule RheinMain (University of Applied Sciences), Wiesbaden, Germany

/ 2008 – 2013
freelance graphic designer and photographer

/ since 2008
alternative national service at
Darmstädter Kinderkliniken »Prinzessin Margaret«,
station for psychosomatics at a childrens hospital

/ 2007 – 2008
abitur at Justus Liebig-Schule, Darmstadt, Germany

/ 2007
extra at the State Theatre Darmstadt, Germany

/ 2004 – 2008
born & grown up in Darmstadt, Germany

/ 1987


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