/ band identity / 2011
Concept & design for the German rap/rock band WORTBLIND
Formed in 2007 the German band WORTBLIND asked me to find a visual feeling for their debut album, musical artworks and overall appearance. Just facing another run on finding a new place to take their instruments for practice and after having a few bad experiences with producers and false promises, the band took it on themselves to buil their own rehearsal-, record- and production studio. True to this self-made spirit, regardless of the obstacles they had to face, the name of their first album also turned into their internal motto: WENN DER STAUB SICH LEGT – when the dust settles.

The overall design ranged from visual concepts, interchangeable logo design, booklet and inlays for the album, band website, flyers, posters, as well as merchandising and photoshots.