/ brand identity / 2016
Concept, name finding, logo design, brand identity & webdesign for a premium house painter
Having a rich experience and long history in the field of house painting and surface finishings, painting master Jörg Held realized that his many more premium clients were quite different from his other projects. Valuing discretion and professionalism, while having quite special requests and sometimes unique projects in mind, his new and specialized company needed a matching approach.

Starting with a marketing concept and finding a name before looking at it's visual style and graphical appearance, lead to the final approach for this unique painting experience of traditional knowledge and modern professionalism. The aim was to combine a contemporary luxury with reserved clarity and to show the manufacture's love for details and passion for high-quality solutions, to always give the clients the feeling that their wishes and needs were treated discrete and seriously. The final produce of these qualities was the texture factory TEXTURWERK

This project was realized in a collaboration with the wonderful & creative people at TAG & NACHT MEDIA, together creating the marketing concept, finding the name and also overseeing local production while I was still in New Zealand at the time. The website was coded by RADIORAUSCHEN